and welcome Rah Rah Dolly, 

Here we celebrate all things colourful and individual!


After years of working as a designer in the fashion industry I started to get bored of the mass produced, I was always on the hunt for unique or handmade finds that just felt that bit more special.

After I had my daughter I started to make all the colourful and fun bits for her bedroom that I couldn't find on the highstreet and so Rah Rah Dolly was born.


Through a love of colour and illustration and a slight obsession with pom poms I set about creating fun pieces that I hope children and adults alike will all enjoy.

I love to encourage individuality and positivity in children, so for that reason I try to make every piece special and different and I love to spread the message that you should always be your wonderful and unique self! 

So for that reason almost everything we produce can be customised in some way, so that the things you choose to decorate your home with are as beautiful and as unique as you are!


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